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Chapter 8

The Backstabber

Jill : Chris settles Down

Chris : Sorry but.... The Man Just Won't Die

Cereza : Mummy is a witch, and witches protect people and are very strong!

Frank : Uhmmm Can Your Mommy Bring People Back From The Dead ?

Cereza : W.I.T.C.H......... Not Angel Or Whatever

Frank : I See

*Meanwhile *

?????? : It's All Done Sir

Naomi : Wait But Your Suppose To Be Helping Them

?????? : Sick Of Being With Those "Good Guys And Gals"

Naomi : Sis What If She *gets Chocked*

Wesker : She Already Backstabber If She Was Smart She Won't Double Cross ME


Claire : ADA !!!!! Are you Ok ?

Ada : Uhmmm *looks Around* Yeah Sure !  

Leon : I Have Had It Up To Here With This Crap

Jake : Why Not Say Shit And Father You Think You won This Fight ....But You Just Lost This WAR And Your god Damn Mind !!!!!

Ada : I Don't Know What If Wesker Like Uhm...... Forget it

Claire : I Am The Guy Who Almost Killed Me , Leon , Jill , Sherry And My Brother Back In RACCOON CITY YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY BITCH SAY IT

Aya : She's Not Worth IT Claire I Have Dealt  With Bitches Like Her !!!

Jake : *kneels* Sherry You Alright ?

Sherry : *smiles* Yes Babe *kisses* JAKE !!! *whispers*

Jake : Are Sure That Will Work ?

Sherry : You Can Always Try

Jake : *taps Claire * Hey Redfields Sis I Have a Favor To Ask ?

Claire : Sure ?

Jake : Claire Has Been Feeling Hot All Night Do We ....

Aya : It Part Of Her Being Pregant Oh Sorry ABC Convo

Jake : You Know How ? Sorry Just I Don't Really Know You ?

Aya : Its Ok My Name Is Aya Brea i have a five year old daughter named eve she is here

Claire : Not To Be Rude Or Anything How Do You Know She Is Here ?

Aya : I Can Senses Her She is *holds hand To Chest* Most Defiently Here

Jake : But How Can You Senses Her ?


Chirs : Frank ! How Much Longer

Frank : Just A....Sec......What The.....

Chris : What Is The Problem Frank Ada.....

Jill : Oh What Is It Nude Pics Of The Whore !

Chris : *Shakes Head * No Worse

Jill : What ...In.... The..We Have To Save Claire and Everyone

Squall : Uhm Just Saying We Need To Leave

Light : Indeed  We Do Eve Can You Walk By Your Self Now

Eve : *nods And Smiles* Yes Thanks Light


Snake : Uhm That Hot Chick Is Gone

Rebbeca : Oh Claire !

Claire : That Creppy Guy Called Me Hot

Leon : He Said Hot Chick Is Gone Your Not Missing are You ok Role Call .......For Chicks or woman Becca.

Rebbecca : Here

Leon : Helena

Helena : Here.....It Fells Like School

Leon : Shut It Please Sheva

Sheva : Here

Leon : Claire

Claire : Dumb Question Obivous I Am Here

Leon : Quite please Aya

Aya : Here

Leon : Ada

Ada :..............

Leon : Ada....Ada.......

Clarie : GOD Damn IT She's Probaly Backstabing US Or Betraing Us

Leon : WHOA Thats A Big

Ada : Thing Call Someon*get's Slapped*

Claire : Where were You WAL-MART !


Leon : Its Ok

Claire : It's Ok Just Like That Are You Freaking Kidding Me

Snake : Not To Be Rude Or Anything But Trying To Make A call For 30+ Minutnes doesn't Strike as Odd To Anyone ?

Aya : Does To Me What Where You Doing ada ?

Ada : Like I Said Trying To Make A Call

Leon : But Snake Said IT Took You

Ada : He's What 50+ I Am Pretty Sure He Even Wears

Snake : *laughs* I Am Sorry I actually Only in my 30 i have a virus that makes me look older *laughs*


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starting to write and using XNALARA still getting use to it so if i accidentally use a model and forget to say the original person is bla bla i am sorry

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