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The New Life Chapter - 2

  • *Getting Off The bus*

  • Sonya : Mommy You Can Have Dis It Say's You're One In a Million Which You Are Mommy *as she smiles*
  • Jill : Awwww Thanks Baby
  • Kayla : Mommy Da Reason I Went In The Street Today or in da mourning
  • Jill : Yes Sweetheart
  • Kayla : It Was By Accident i feel off da sidewalk
  • Jill : Okay sweetheart I Believe You Know Go Get Ready For The Play Toinght 
  • Kayla : I Don't Want To Be in Da Play
  • Jill : What Baby Its To Late For That
  • Sonya : Mommy Wheres Daddy I Thought He Was Coming To Play ?
  • Jill : He'll Meet Us There
  • Sonya : He's Not Coming Is He *as She Looks Upset*
  • Jill: No Baby He Will Be There
  • Sonya : Starts To Cry* NO HE WONT ! *as She Slams Her Bedroom Door*
  • Jill : *picks up phone* Oh Hey Claire No Maybe You Can Talk TO Her And Calm Her Down She Thinks Chris Is not Gonna Show Thats What I Told Her Ok One Sec *knocks On sonya door* Sonya Auntie Claire Wants To Talk
  • Sonya : *takes The Phone From jill* Hello Auntie
  • Claire : Now Why Don't You Think Your Daddy Gonna Be There Its A Big Day For You And Your Sister
  • Sonya : I Know.....But He's Not Home I Wanted Us All To Go together
  • Claire : Well He Had To Work
  • Sonya : Well.......Are You Going To Auntie It's Tonight at 10 at da school
  • Clarie : Yeah Sure Let Me Talk To Mommy Again
  • Sonya : Ok MOMMY !!!!!!!!
  • Jill : What Is It
  • Sonya : Here *hands phone to jill* Auntie Wants To Talk To You
  • Jill : Hey Claire
  • Claire : Why Is The play At 10 That's Late ?
  • Jill : No It Ends At 10 and Starts at 8 i know its 7 now so i got hurry hurry
  • Claire : Is Chris Gonna Be There ?
  • Jill He's Suppose To Be
  • Claire : I'll Let You Go
  • Jill : ok bye
  • Claire : Bye
  • Jill : Girls Lets GO !
  • Sonya : Ready Mommy
  • Kayla *looks up * I Look Stupid Mommy
  • Jill : No You Look Cute

  • -At The School-

  • Sonya : ALICE !!!! *runs and hugs*
  • Alice : Hey Sonya Your Lucky You Got Cindy lo
  • Sonya : Well Its A Big Part I Am Nervous Well You Got Sally From Cat In The Hat
  • Alice : .....But i Wanted Cindy
  • Sonya : Sorry The Teacher Put Me As Her and gave me the costume sorry
  • Rin : Why Are You Guys Even Happy About This Dumb Play I Didn't Even Want To Be In It.....
  • Kayla : Because It's Suppose To Be Fun *as She Smiles*
  • Rin : *rolls eyes* TCH........Whatever
  • Nora : I'm Happy About Da Play
  • Eve : I Wish I Had A Bigger part but Whatever
  • Jill : Haha Hey Sherry....sorry for asking but where is jake ?
  • Sherry : Hey Jill ....He's Trying To Convince Someone Grandpa To Come
  • Jill : Oh....I See
  • Fiona : *taps Jill's Shoulder* Am I Late
  • Jill : no , *as The Doors open * Come with me Fiona *
  • Usher : Tickets ?
  • Jill : My Daughters in the play and i have me my husbands still on there way and the girls aunt and uncle oh and *grabs Fiona* She My Sister so there aunt to
  • Fiona : But ....I
  • Jill : Shhhh *whispers* Do You Wanna Pay To Get It Or Do You Wanna Get In Free ?
  • Fiona : Right tee hee
  • Usher : The Name Of The Others Or The Party Name
  • Jill : Redfields Party Name
  • Usher : Ok here You Go And You
  • Aya : Just two
  • Fang : Are You Sure You Want Me Here
  • Aya : Yes Babe
  • *as Everyone Sits down and the play starts*
  • Jill : Damn It Where Is He
  • *as The Play starts*
  • Eve : Uhm Check Check *as She Giggles SO Tonight We Are Doing are Play on dr.Seuss well its not a really play just characters singing some songs from there story tee hee
  • *as The Audience Laughs With Her*
  • Eve : Well First Up Is Cindy lu
  • Sonya : *looking around* uhm uhm......
  • Jill : Oh No She Getting Stage Fright
  • Fiona: Maybe If Chris Comes Any moment She'll Be Back To Normally
  • Sonya : *Eyes Starts To Water up * Uhm....uh ....Right where yeah Wher uhm
  • Jill : Oh God Come one Chris
  • Chris : Excuses Me Sorry Pardon Me Listen I Am So Sorry Jill I Hope I
  • Jill : *looks At Chris Pissed Off* Really You Gonna Have to Tell Her That Chris Cus You Almost Missed Her Part
  • Chris : Sorry I Had To Change My Shirt It Had Blood On IT
  • Fiona : Just Be Glad You Didn't Miss Anything
  • Chris : Right
  • Jill : Agreed
  • Sonya : *Looking Around * Uhhh Uhm *as She Sees chris And puts On a Smile and Wipes Eyes* Uhm Let Me Restart I am Sorry *as She Sings Where Are You Christmas ?*
  • *audience Gives a Thunders Applause*
  • Sonya : Thank You *as she bows*
  • Chris : *Stand up and Shouts* YEAH THAT'S MY GIRL !!!!

  • - As The Play Comes To An End -

  • Rin : Will I Hope You Had Fun Did You Have Fun Kayla
  • Kayla : Yeah I Had Load Fun with some buns in sun tee hee What About You Nora
  • Nora : Yes .......
  • Rin : ......*whispers* Yes What ?
  • Nora : Oh Uhm Yes....oh I Had A Lot Of Fun
  • Rin : So Sadly It
  • Light : *Shouts* SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT RIN
  • Squall : ......what
  • Light : Don't Say It You Know She Get's This From You
  • Squall : ......i Don't Think So But What
  • Light : Na na na Don't Say IT
  • Rin : So Sadly It Has To Come TO A End
  • Kayla : So Good-bye say la vi
  • Nora : Yeah Good-bye See Ya Later Gator

  • -as exiting the play-

  • Aya : Your girls we amazing i mean eve only had that small part
  • Fang : It was Good
  • Alice : *runs Pass jill and chris* GRANDPA !!!!! YOU MADE IT *jumps in to wesker arms*
  • Wesker : Yes Anything For You
  • Jake : Wish You Said That For me When i was little
  • Chris : Hey Here*hands a card* Its For My BBQ By The POOL Tomorrow If You Can Come Great If Not Hell I Am Not Forcing Yeah
  • Alice : Your An Asshole
  • Chris : Excuses me
  • Sherry : Alice Annette Muller We Don't Say That Now Apologize
  • Alice : Fine Sorry Don't See Why Tho You Are
  • Sherry : *looks Stern* Don't Say IT !
  • Alice : Fine But I Can Call Him Jarhead Cus Daddy Call's Him Dat
  • Sherry : Sighs See Jake Why I Don't Like You Saying Stuff Like That Around Her
  • Jake : *trying Not TO Laugh* Huh ehhhh Yeah
  • Jill : Ohhh Aya here *hands a card* Its The invite For The BBQ
  • Fang : BBQ ?
  • Aya : I Forgot TO Ask Do We Have TO Bring Anything ?
  • Jill : Soda , Chips Whatever You Want Oh If You Have Pool Toys
  • Aya : Ok
  • Claire : Hey Light, Squall Here *hands Card *
  • Squall : .....I Don't See What This Is For
  • Light : Yeah What is it for ?
  • Claire : Chris Is Having Some Sort Of BBQ Celebration
  • Light :......Well There Be Alcohol ? And Will Snow Be There ?
  • Squall : ....Not Again Please No
  • Light : Shut Up !
  • Clarie : I Don't About But Chris Say's Bring Your Own Alcohol is expensive
  • Light : Dis Be True

  • -Back At Chris House-

  • Jill : *put sonya to bed kisses * Night Sweaty
  • Kayla : My Turn
  • Jill : Yes Your Turn *kisses And Tucks in* Night Sweaty
  • Chris : Night Girls
  • Jill : we Have a Busy Day Tomorrow
  • Chris : This We Do

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  • The New Life - Chapter 1
  • Jill : Chris Get The Girls Up Please Thank You Sweetheart
  • Chris : No Problem Babe *opens a Door* KAYLA SONYA Get Up Its Breakfast Time
  • Sonya : OHHHH I Wuv Breakfast Is It Eggyies
  • Chris: NO Sonya Its Not Mommy Needs The Rest Of Those
  • Sonya : Ohhhh
  • Kayla : Oh I Know Its uhm Pannycakes *as She Does a Cute Face*
  • Chris : *picks Up Kayla* No Its Not
  • Kayla : *puts A Pout Face On* I AM NOT HUNGRY
  • Chris : Why Cus It's Not Pancakes ?
  • Jill : Don't Worry Girls I'll Make You What You Want And Chris You Want Over-easy Eggs Right ?
  • Chris : Yeah with
  • Jill : Bacon I Know
  • Chris : And
  • Jill : Coffee
  • Chris : Oh And
  • Jill : Newspaper Got it Right Here*hands Newspaper*
  • Chris : Damn Nice Deal on Soda at rac-a-lot
  • Jill : *while Pouring Coffee In Chris B.s.a.a Mug* Here Sweaty And What About Juicy For The Girls I Don't Like Them Drinking Soda
  • Sonya : Oh Oh Mommy After Breakfast Can We Go To The Park
  • Jill : No But After School maybe*hand Chris Is Breakfast* So How Long Do You Work Babe The Girls Have There Dr.Seuss play tonight
  • Chris : *shocked* Thats Tonight !
  • Jill : You Forgot *hands Sonya Her Breakfast* Damn It Chris *hands Kayla Her Breakfast*
  • Sonya : *looks upset* Does That Mean daddy is not coming to our play
  • Jill : Oh No He's Going
  • Chris: *pats Sonya's Head* Yeah Daddy Will Be There
  • Sonya : *wipes tears away* Yay
  • Kayla : *shoves Plate Away* Hmmm
  • jill : What's The Matter Kayla ?
  • Kayla : I Don't What Dis
  • Jill :Well What Does Kay Kay hmm
  • Kayla : Pannycakes *as She Smiles*
  • Jill : Baby I Am So Sorry but Mommy is out of pancake batter so she can't make Sweetheart
  • Kayla : *starts To Cry* Fine I'll Have What Sonya Wants because she older by what a couple mins
  • Jill : Ok And I Will Try And Get Some Batter When Your At School
  • Sonya : Mommy uhm Like Uhm uhm i don't like to ride the bus can daddy drop us of in his coppy car
  • Chris : No I Can't Daddy can get in trouble For That
  • Sonya : awwww *put's Puppy Dog Face* pwlease
  • Chris : Sorry Sonya i just ca...*looking at sonya's puppy dog face*..well
  • Jill : *laughing* Come on Sonya get Your Backpack
  • Kayla : I Got Mine Mommy*
  • Jill : I See *hugs kayla* good Job
  • Sonya : Me To *as She Smiles* Can I Have Hug Pwlease
  • Jill : I Can't Say no to my girls *hugs sonya As Leaving* Oh Chris Taken The Girls To The Bus Stop *kisses Chris* Love Ya Babe
  • Chris : *kisses jill back* Love You To
  • Sonya : Yuck Can We Go Now mommy
  • Jill : Oh Hush And Yes


  • *walking To The Bus Stop*


  • Jill : Hey Fiona How Have You Been
  • Fiona : Good Just Taking Hewie For A Walk
  • Sonya & Kayla : Hi
  • Fiona : Oh My God The Last Time i saw Them The where So Tiny Now They Are So Big
  • Jill : Oh I Know It Seems Like Yesterday They said there first words
  • Hewie : ARK Ark *as He Tugs And Wines*
  • Jill : *as jill turns around* Kayla NO!
  • Hewie : *rips off leash And Tackles Kayla*
  • Kayla :* Starts To Cry* mama mommy
  • Hewie : *licks Kayla Tears Away*
  • Kayla : *starts To Giggle* tee hee Stop it Hewie
  • Fiona: Good Boy Hewie
  • Jill : *hugs Hewie* Thank You Hewie For Saving my baby Now Kayla What Where You Thinking
  • Kayla : Uhm I
  • Sonya : Da Bus Is Here
  • Jill : Come hugs and kisses * hugs and kisses sonya * Love You Sonya
  • Sonya : Love You *holds Arms Out Wide * Dis Much tee hee
  • Jill : To Be Continued Missy *hugs tightly and kisses * I Love You Don't Scare Mommy like That Please
  • Kayla : Hee I'll Try Not To but i can't make any promise *as She Smiles* Oh Love You mommy
  • Jill : Love You Girls
  • Aya : Hold That Bus Please
  • Jill : OK HEY Bus Driver Hold On You Have One Kid
  • Eve : Ohhhh *catching her breath* Sorry Mister Bus Driver i Woke Up Late *As She Bows*
  • Aya : Oh Thank you So Much jill
  • Jill : No Problem So Hows The You Know
  • Aya : The Divorce Ehhhh IT Going Slow But It's Almost Done Thank God HAHA
  • Jill : Well That's Good Oh Chris Is Gonna Have Another BBQ By The Pool So You And Uhm
  • Aya : Fang ?
  • Jill : Yeah Fang Are Invited .....That's Only If You Want To Come
  • Aya : Yeah I Don't See Why Fang Wouldn't Want To She Loves The Pool
  • Jill : Great I'll Tell Chris Well I Have To Get Going See You Later At The Girls Play
  • Aya : Play ? .......Oh That's Right The Doctor Play
  • Jill : That's DR.Seuss haha


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